The Neuroscience of Leadership - ADAPT

Learn the science behind change and the mindset needed to improve yourself and others

Welcome to the 'Adapt' Quest!

We think that we can’t teach an old dog new tricks – that is how the old saying goes. Well, we can! All of us have a brain that is highly plastic. In this Quest, you'll learn about neuroplasticity, our brain's amazing ability to change.

You will also discover how to obtain the right mindset needed to improve performance and develop others. We will go over fixed and growth mindset, adaptive and change leadership.

You could buy just one module or the entire series. If you are interested in booking training for your corporate team, please contact Kristen Hansen on

Kristen Hansen is the founder of EnHansen Performance providing executive, leadership and sales coaching and training utilising the latest neuroscience research. Following 20 years as a Sales Manager for major Australian companies, Kristen now develops executives from companies such as Google, Allianz, Westpac, ANZ Bank as well as from various state and local government organisations and international clients.

Quest Curriculum

  • 2 Levels
  • Coaching By EnHansen Performance
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Gaining New Habits & Being More Mindful

    Learn the basics of Neuroplasticity and the "Mind the Gap" model. Then, put this new knowledge to practical use.

  • Level 02

    Beginning Your Mindset Shift

    Start transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and understand the importance of flexibility/adaption in leadership.

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